Case Studies – Cullum Design Property Staging and dressing

Interior Design and Staging – Case Studies.

Property Dressing  – Case Study

Astonville Street, Wandsworth.

No offer prior to staging. Within weeks, an offer accepted after home staging. This house in Wandsworth was totally transformed once furniture had been installed. Every house becomes a home once there’s furniture, simply because furniture adds narrative and people and the place becomes something special. We were delighted to hear an offer had been accepted weeks after staging. Photos to come. Here’s what the clients had to say.

‘Great news is that the staging has been a success, we had multiple viewings on the property since the staging and we had an offer accepted…we definitely believe the staging played a massive role in getting an increase in interest and ultimately an offer’.

Working with clients existing furniture.

Its not always empty properties that we home stage. Sometimes a client is living in the property, or has rented it out part furnished, and requires the interiors of the property to be improved. By working with existing furniture and filling in the missing gaps a huge difference can be noticed for photography and viewings. If you’d like an interior’s consultation, our head interior stylist Natalie can come and view the property and offer an interiors consultation (from £180).

Or Natalie is happy to work with the existing furniture and by rearranging or adding more pieces – ether by rental or purchase – a transformation can also be made to create a beautifully interior styled home.

Property Dressing  – Case Study

 Rutland Gate, Knightsbridge

This is the clients second property I have assisted with and the benefits of interior styling are clear to see! The property had been rented out partly furnished so the client required items to complete the look. Using the items currently in the property, the flat was decorated and the tenants items removed. Due to the narrow firedoors, we did have to use a hoist to have the furniture moved into the flat. Sometimes this is recommended and we would make all the necessary arrangements.

Property Dressing Case Study – Rusham Road, Wandsworth

I was asked to come and view a fantastic house in Rusham Road, Wandsworth. The owner had some furniture, but for various reasons they had not furnished the ground floor two receptions rooms – probably the most important rooms for creating a positive first impression. The client asked for several quotes so I was delighted when Cullum Design was asked to do the work. I think the before and after photos show how we work to each property in terms of styling. The quote from the client made me very happy!

‘We chose Cullum Design from a shortlist of three companies for the task of furnishing two rooms in our family home which we had refurbished for the purposes of marketing the house for sale. These were a formal drawing room and formal dining room, which, being spaces somewhat underused by us, had been left out of the extensive renovations carried out over time on the rest of the house, a five-bedroom Victorian semi in London. The work nevertheless had to be done if we were to achieve a full price for the house as the rooms were the first to be seen on entering it; it had to be done so as to achieve maximum visual impact reflecting a luxurious but contemporary aesthetic; and it had to be done to a tight budget consistent with the short-term benefit. We selected Cullum Design because of its immediate understanding of, and sympathy with, the brief, its flexibility in devising a specification (including preparedness to acquire items of furniture that more closely matched our aspirations), an impressive range of furniture and accessories available more or less immediately, competitive pricing/terms of business, and (most importantly) a personable but highly professional approach to doing business, meeting deadlines and making the client feel important. The end result spoke for itself and the “staged” rooms drew much favourable comment from those viewing the property. At the time of writing this commendation, we had received (and accepted) an offer in excess of our asking price, a figure at the very top end on a £psf basis of prices achieved for residential property in our area. This in a decidedly soft real estate market in London. We are firmly of the view that Cullum Design’s assistance was a significant contributor to this outcome.’

Mr. P Newman. This property was sold by Knight Frank, Wandsworth.

Property asking price over £3m. Weekly hire fee of £317 ex VAT. Delivery, collection, insurance fee of £900 ex VAT.

Property Dressing Case Study – Avalon Road, Fulham

This was a lovely Victorian terraced house just off the Kings Road. I met with the owner, who had met with several staging companies. We chatted about the style of the property, its period features, the reception rooms, and how best to present the house. We both felt that a mix of classic and contemporary would appeal and look good in the house. I was delighted not only with the review from the client, but also to hear of a sale, by John D Wood,  just days before Christmas so we managed to ove everything out ready for the new owners to enjoy Christmas in their new home!

‘Cullum Design dressed my house in Fulham for sale. Natalie and her team could not have done a better job. The house looked absolutely amazing! It’s a small house (so one size fits all furniture would not have worked). Natalie picked pieces that worked brilliantly. Thank you Cullum Design!’

Property asking price circa £1.3m. Weekly hire of £281.58 ex VAT. Delivery, collection, insurance fee of £900 ex VAT.

Property Dressing Case Study – Gladstone Road, Wimbledon

This was a very much loved family home, and when the owners left to live abroad, they then decided to sell the house. In this house, it had to feel loved and furniture made a huge difference. Some houses, like this one, don’t need furniture to be brand new, or too shiny, they just need some styling and colour added. In fact, I think they benefit most from a mix of styles which is how you make a house into a home. A more eccentric selection of items ranging from hand me down heirloom classics to new contemporary.

Photography by Chris Murphy. The property was sold by John D Wood.

Property asking price unknown. Weekly hire of £495 ex VAT. Delivery, collection, insurance fee of £900 ex VAT.

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