Classic interior styling

Classic  interior styling & property dressing looks great when a property is more traditional in architectural design. Not all properties suit modern furniture. If there is alot of gilt for example, or a Ballroom, period features, then it is good to work with these, and use more traditional items like antiques.

As Cullum Design has been dressing homes for over thirty years, we have built up a large stock of items in this time. When our parents first started the business, the style was traditional. Furniture was expensive to purchase, so there were very few companies offering property dressing. Now, furniture is much cheaper to buy so the entry costs are much lower.

However, we have held onto these items as we love them, and therefore are still one of the few companies to offer classic styling.

Classic interior styling

The country house classic interior styling look is one of our favourite styles to work with as it is where we began from 30 years ago. Whether it is a Mayfair apartment or a country house, classic furniture bring warmth and narrative to rooms. From large Persian rugs to seeing ornaments carefully placed, we are seeing the traditional style coming back into fashion – sometimes just a few items to mix in with more contemporary design looks great.

See more of our Country house styling with these properties – Rednock Brochure, property dressing by Cullum Design

Spring_grove_brochure_property dressing by Cullum Design


Merchant House Property Dressing by Cullum Design  

For more recent examples of a mix of traditional and contemporary styling – Classic Contemporary – please take a look at Herbert Crescent here.

This style of furniture is also available for Relocation clients.

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