Cullum Design features in Livingetc

Cullum Design features in Livingetc. This is one of my favourite interior magazines. I was thrilled to be asked Livingetc for my comments on an article they were writing ‘How to Sell Your Home in 2020’. Having to restrict myself to only a few comments was tricky to say the least as I have many comments to make on this subject.

I love this magazine! What an honour it was to contribute! Its full of design ideas and inspiration.

Cullum Design features in Livingetc. Here is an extract of the article….”Wondering how to sell your home in 2020? Buying and selling a home are the largest transactions we’ll ever make. This process is arguably trickier than ever in the current climate, but here’s a guide on how to navigate the process in these new challenging times…..

How do I prepare my home for viewings?

Home staging, where an agency comes in to declutter and restyle your home before it goes on the market, is soaring in popularity, with growing numbers of estate agents running this service alongside their regular business. ‘Most projects we do cost between £3,000 and £6,000, so it’s a relatively small investment,’ says Natalie Fernbach, director of home staging firm Cullum Design.

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