Interior styling in Hackney with Felicity J Lord

Interior styling in Hackney with Felicity J Lord

I think I should explain the difference between an interior architect, interior designer and an interior stylist.

Interior architect is someone who has a qualification in design – they will oversee planning applications, design and project manage. They will oversee purchase of items required from doors to door handles, to furniture.

Interior designers are similar to above but without the formal qualification.

I am an interior stylist. Interior styling consists of providing all the ‘top layer’ items that can be removed from the house – the sofas, chairs, rugs e.t.c. that in fact are what creates the ‘first impression’. Most of my clients aren’t in need of an interior designer – they need an interior stylist as all the work has already been done, and in effect, all I do is make their months of hard work look good!

Interior styling means items are carefully selected to go with the style of the property, the area (I believe each area of London has a different feel and vibe) the target market of the eople viewing – is it a family home, or for a young professional couple? Do they travel and work abroad alot, or are they first time buyers? This is what I refer to as my ‘narrative’ – the story behind the styling.

This project in Hackney is a good example of the benefits of interior styling. Before and after photos are really helpful to see the impact that property dressing and interior styling has on rooms.

This flat in Hackeny had been on the market for quite a few months. When I visited the flat, it felt dusty and unloved. It had been renovated and so there was so much improvement to be made on the interior presentation.

If you are selling a flat and are based abroad, it really is worth asking for a interior consultation from an interior stylist or ‘house doctor’- we always give honest feedback. Whether its a deep clean, dirty windows, garden tidy up, light bulbs missing, pendant shades missing, it can be little things that do not help make a good first impression when people come and visit. These are things that should be done prior to interior styling which we know makes a huge difference too.

On this flat, the transformation was instant. Not only the interior presentation, but we also tidied up the garden which had become very overgrown. We did not charge for this – we just can’t help oursleves but weed a weedy looking garden, and we want to help our clients in acheiving great photos, increased interest and finally an offer.

I was delighted by the review from Ed at Felicity J Lord:-

‘Could not recommend Natalie enough. As the estate agents, on a property we wasn’t getting much interest, after she came in and done the staging, it has changed the place completely and the positive feedback we are now getting from the viewers is exceptional. Her high quality very detailed finish from the furniture to the paintings has definitely turned some heads. She done a truly amazing job. ‘ Eduard Diac at Felicity J Lord

Please see our Houzz listing for more reviews.

Interior styling in Hackney is one of our favourite areas to style. We have recently styled a house in Stoke Newington and the loft apartment in Shepherdess Walk.

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