Essential oil scented candles for sale

Essential oil scented candles are hand poured and made using organic oils where possible, as well as sustainable and recyled materials. We use eco soy wax too, not paraffin. You can buy HERE.

Over lockdown, I lit my candles at home alot! I’m sure I’m not the only one. I then decided to see how candles are made, and if they are good for you. The candles I have are designer ones, so I was pretty shocked to find out that many use paraffin wax (toxic) and fragrances (chemicals) so their well-being effects are not great.

I then decided to make a couple of my own candles using essential oils, and turns out I LOVE making candles! Inspired by my travels, my love for design and gardens, architecture and health a range has developed.

At the moment I am offering 4 ranges of essential oil scented candles:

CONNECT {Jasmine, Petitgrain and Bergamot} – Working in weddings, and seeing the jasmine garlands, and living on Chapel Road by a Sri Lankan temple, as well as planting lots of jasmine in the garden, this scent brings together Blessings and Exploration

REST {Lavender} – Organic. Light an hour or so before you go to bed, and see if you sleep any deeper. This is an evening candle to help you unwind and get into the sleepy zone. This candle has been inspired by my love for bees, and the lavander paths at Poundon House where I can watch the bees collecting the lavendar pollen for hours.

HEAL {Rose Geranium} – This uplifting scent has lots of health benefits, especially for women of a certain age, if you get my drift! Geranium as

ELEVATE {Sweet Orange and Neroli} Uplifting sweet orange and relaxing Neroli, this scent is both relaxing and restoring at the same time. Ideal for early evening unwinds, baths, or just when you want to take some time out.

Light an essential oil candle to relax and unwind, or to fill your work space with an uplifting scent. Essential oils have benefits as well as creating a friendly and relaxing environment for your family, friends, colleagues, and clients.

you can buy our essential oil candles HERE blends vary as each batch is hand made and hand poured.

These candles are made form Soy wax, eco sourced. I use essential oils which are organic where possible.

Packaging is recyable where I can, reusing boxes and packaging, so please don’t be surprised if the box doesn’t look branded and smart – I’m getting as much use out of the boxes I receive too and am collecting from friends too before they put in the recyling! The glass containers are made out of recycled glass.

I am very happy to make white label candles so you can gift and have your own label added. Please get in touch about corporate gifting.

Property Dressing Offer!

50% off the weekly hire after 12 weeks hire has completed.

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