Home staging in Chelsea for Foxtons

Home staging in Chelsea for Foxtons. Home staging at Drayton Court, Chelsea a lovely 2 bed apartment in a typical Chelsea red brick mansion block. When I viewed this apartment empty of furniture, I could see why the owner wanted to dress the property. This is such a fantastic pied-a-terre but at the same time, it was tricky to see how the open plan living area could really work. If it had remained empty of furniture, I can see that some people viewing the flat may wonder how and where to have dining and seating e.t.c. This is what home staging does. It removes these kinds of queries and shows clearly the idea layout. Once these queries are removed, it makes it easier for people to connect to the space and see how they would live there. It was no surprise that straight after dressing, a second viewing came to visit and an offer was accepted. Sadly, this offer fell through when it wad very near exchange.

Home staging in Chelsea for Foxtons.

See more of our recent home staging projects HERE. This property is available to buy through Foxtons.

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