Filling in the gaps – home staging in Hackney to get a property market ready

Filling in the gaps – home staging in Hackney to get a property market ready.

Sometimes, a client has their own furniture – or in this case – some items, and just need help in using what is there already and filling in the gaps. This Hackney house was great. The only problem was that the interiors weren’t looking as great as I knew they could. The couple asked me to visit and see what needed to be done. Which items to keep, which could go to storage, and to help them get the house market ready.

we decided to go with a mid century modern styling, and here I got to use one of my favouite pieces, our Nelson Swag desk, designed by George Nelson. I just knew it would look great here! The client was delighted with this desk and it worked so well with the colours in the artwork, but that is our job, to create a style!

“Total design is nothing more or less than a process of relating everything to everything.” George Nelson. A bit more about this designer.

George Nelson began with the legs, insisting that they be made of metal, machine formed, and prefinished. And beautiful. He wanted that graceful curve. He also wanted them to be easy for the consumer to assemble, so the desk and tables could be shipped knocked down to save on costs.

Swaging—using pressure to taper and curve a metal tube—proved to be the best way to produce the legs, which are 16-gauge steel and have adjustable glides. Nelson added solid walnut stretchers that bolt to the legs for a stable, durable base common to the desk and tables.

Once he got started, Nelson didn’t stop at desks. He made a work table that lets you spread out papers and tools. He made two dining tables—one round, one rectangular—with the walnut base stretchers in an X formation to make room for your legs. It’s all about the legs.

What do you think of this desk? Is it a design classic? I love it!!

The property is on the market with Location Location. Thanks to Location Location for the images.

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