Home Staging Smith Terrace with Russell Simpson

Home Staging in Smith Terrace, Chelsea, London, for Russell Simpson Estate Agents

We recently worked with Russell Simpson on Cresswell Cottage, so if you’ve read that post you will know they are a boutique family estate agents working with prime property in Kensington and Chelsea.

This is a lovely house on one of the most colourful streets in Chelsea. The pastel coloured houses are such a joy to walk down, and it is tucked off in Smith Terrace, running parallel to the infamous Kings Road. So its a pretty house on a pretty street.

The house is four bedrooms. If a house can be cute, this house is. There’s just something so familiar and welcoming about the rooms, they aren’t huge, but yet spacious enough to not feel small. It has been decorated in a neutral style, but if you were to buy this house, you would have lots of fun wallpapering some of the bedrooms and adding colour.

Russell Simpson are a boutique family agent in Chelsea, set up in 1979, and privately & independently owned. They deal with Prime Property in Kensington and Chelsea so its always an honour when they ask Cullum Design to quote. We recently also dressed Cresswell Place for another of their clients too.

The house is available to buy through Russell Simpson.

Photography by Matt Davis


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