Home staging offer!

Home staging offer for new property dressing projects – 50% discount off the weekly hire after 12 weeks!

Home staging offer for new property dressing projects – 50% discount off the weekly hire after 12 weeks!

Looking to property dress your property, but wondering when to launch? We have a great offer for you that we hope will convince you to launch your property sooner rather than wait.

For any new property dressing projects that sign up while we run this special deal will have the weekly rate discounted by 50% after the initial 12 week period is completed.

Usually our projects receive an offer within weeks of launching but it can take some time to reach exchange. it is advised to not remove the furniture until you have exchanged so this offer is to assist you whilst you arrange the paperwork to get to exchange. It can be frustrating to keep the furniture in place even if the property is removed from the market when it is under offer so we hope that the 50% discount will make it easier to keep it there should the purchaser visit.

Home staging offer

Making sure that your property looks its best for sales or letting’s is becoming even more important now that online listings are the first place people go to research potential properties. You do need to make sure that your photo’s stand out, and asking a professional interior stylist to help you with this is a good idea. Cullum Design has a large collection of furniture that we use for our staging projects. We do not hire in from other companies. Cullum Design has been home staging properties for over thirty years, so you can imagine how much furniture stock we have to use for your project – each project is unique and approached in a bespoke and tailored way. No projects are the same. We do not offer property dressing packages as each brief is different.

Why Stage your Property?
Cullum Design’s expert team will transform empty rooms into exciting living spaces, creating an atmosphere that connects with people through the curating of spaces. Our designers will choose interesting and unique pieces from our large collection of furniture, artwork, accessories and soft furnishings, to create rooms that photograph well and stand out for online listings, as well as maximising potential for viewings. Property dressing is no guarantee of a quick sale, but many of our projects have gone under offer within weeks and for more than the asking price. Some have been on the market for a while empty, and then sold quickly once dressed, and it’s these case studies that prove that properties that are dressed and styled appeal to buyers.

With our own in-house expert team of designers, stylists, porters, picture hangers and vehicles, as well as carrying our own stock, we can turn projects round within a few days, delivering an exceptional service with uttermost professionalism and discretion.

Our experience is wide ranging – from London’s finest townhouses to one bed newbuild flats in blocks, to country houses, in and around London and the UK. Each project is different, as each property is different, and a bespoke approach is given in terms of styling. This is because we work with the property and the brief to ensure it looks its best for marketing.

With 30 years of interior styling, our knowledge is immense as is our collection of good quality furniture. Our clients; property owners, investors & developers know that property dressing is the final stage when bringing a property to market and they trust Cullum Design to deliver. Our testimonials are proof of the exceptional service we provide all our clients.

REQUEST A QUOTE – Please send over any photos or a floor plan of your property. Alternatively we offer free site visits.

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Call Natalie on 07866 453831 or email natalie@cullum-design.com to discuss your property dressing project. We’d love to help.

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