Home Styling with Dexters in Twickenham

Home Styling with Dexters in Twickenham.

Our client lives abroad and had rented out the property for a number of years. Prior to putting the property on the market, the flat had been redecorated and the garden tidied up. These things following a long term rental, are very important as its worth seeing the property launched looking its best, and luckily the client knew about the benefits of home styling too.

Home Styling with Dexters. The flat, once the works had been completed and we had dressed, had an offer within a week of coming to market with Dexters. Its so worth investing in your property for its presentation. Many of our projects are ex-rental and its so worth the investment of redecorating and dressing. Having windows cleaned, tidying up the garden, pressure washing the patio, dressing the rooms, these things make a huge difference to the feel of the space and how quickly you can achieve a sale. The flat went under offer for the asking price.

Home Styling with Dexters. When it comes to home styling, we work with a range of different styles and property values. Every property benefits from home styling and dressing. In this case, the reception room really benefited from styling because you could then see the layout and how it works. When I visited the property and it was empty of furniture, even I struggled to visualize the space and whether you could fit a sofa and dining area. But we made it work, and the layout works brilliantly and I’m sure this was a huge factor in achieving a sale.

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Thank-you to Dexters for the images.

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