House staging a Lions’ house in Fulham, Cullum Design X Nicola Scannell Design

Cullum Design collaborated with Nicola Scannell Design providing the house staging to complete her latest project prior to launch on the property market.

Lion’s houses are an area of Fulham where a terracotta Lion looks down from the roof of the building. It is an exclusive area of some highly desirable homes. I love styling these Edwardian houses. I was asked by Nicola Scannell Design to come and dress her latest project and having been a few times during build, now it was nearing completion it was time to decide on a style & look for the houses’ interior.

So how did the nickname of Lion’s houses come from? The architect, Jimmy Nicholls, who built the houses over ordered Lion statues that he was to use for decoration on a project, and therefore decided that ALL these houses would have Lion statues! He never set out with the intention of what we may consider ‘branding’ his projects, it just happened and in the process a nick name has come up of an area of Fulham.

The Lion’s houses in Fulham can be dark as typical of the Victorian era of architecture of smaller rooms. Most will have an extension at the back. This house however, is very light & spacious having been fully refurbished by Nicola Scannell Design. All that was now missing was the top layer of furniture dressing and interior styling that house staging provides.

Nicola had removed the ground floor wall therefore the entrance was very open; unique to these houses which can often consist of smaller ground floor rooms. With an extension and a dug out basement this house had been increased in floor-plan making it light & spacious.

This collaboration involved working closely with Nicola to bring to life her vision of the project. The empty rooms were to be enhanced with furniture and accessories for photography and viewings. House staging greatly improves a property’s presentation. A search for a new home will be online making photography crucial in giving a property appeal.  House staging will enhance photography. Empty room’s can never look good in photography and people will wonder how to use the space.

The Brief

The brief was to keep the furniture light & classical yet contemporary, using linens and colour through accessories, textiles & artwork. We thought the yellow of the cushions brought the house a vibrancy and freshness, and worked well with the paint colour & artwork. The fabric is from Fermoie which is my new favourite textile designer. The furniture was not to distract from the quality & high finish of the house, only to enhance the rooms. We wanted to keep it simple & classical yet warm & inviting.



A classic contemporary Fulham Townhouse kitchen designed by Nicola Scannell Design and Home Staged by Cullum Design | London UK

This project featured in The Resident.

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