Loft Apartment Interior Styling in Fulham

Loft Apartment Interior Styling in Fulham – a unique building requiring a more unique style.

This is truly a unique property that we loved interior styling because there aren’t many loft apartments in Fulham. There are lots in East London, but in Fulham, they don’t come up often. If you don’t know the agency The Modern House, it has some fabulous properties and this was marketed by them as they specialise with unique properties.

We love interior styling loft apartment properties such as this – full of character and an amazing space to work in. We also work with East London loft properties too – see our other post on Shepherdess Walk apartment we interior styled.

An old printing factory, the open plan living area was spacious, with wooden timber beams, painted bricks, wooden flooring, all to make it into an amazing space. The roof terrace has 360 degree views of London. Imagine the summer parties you can hold there! The conservatory on the roof is beautiful. We styled with a long oversized sofa, and drinks trolley and indoor plants. Where you can sit and mix up a drink and chat with friends.

A truly unique warehouse penthouse apartment of approximately 2,900 sq ft with a stunning double roof terrace, secure private double parking and private lift access makes this an amazing space and one that we enjoyed interior staging hugely using a tailored approach.

The loft style feel with the far reaching views of London makes this a unique property – in fact this apartment has featured in many film and photoshoots too!

Photos with thanks to Feature Pro.

This property is now sold. But what do you think? Do you like the open plan living areas? The roof terrace? Do you think using the natural woods and other materials eg linens, work in this space?

We didn’t want to make it too chrome, nor too mid century modern, as we were conscious that the location was Fulham. Its not only working with the style of property when it comes to interior styling, but also the location.

Do you have a property that is unique that you require property dressing for? As we have a large stock of items to choose from, we can property dress a range of styles, which is why clients come to us. No two projects are ever approached in the same way. We create tailored interiors for unique spaces.

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