Pullman Court project features in PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE, Singapore

Singapore based PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE features Wendy Long, designer Pullman Court.

All three creatives – architect, designer & stager were based in three different countries and three different time zones – London, Japan & Singapore.  What’s app proved valuable in our communication. Working with Wendy was a great experience. She has a real attention for detail, a true sense of style. I only wish I could have seen the properrty prior to refurbishment as it had a complete overhaul and the finished product was stylish & spacious.

Here’s what the article says about the staging:

“I wanted an elegant, contemporary classic look that was close to Kelly Hoppen’s, and they had an extensive furniture and accessories inventory that could support the look that I was going for.”

She met up with Natalie in London and briefed her on the look that she wanted. Natalie began sending photos of projects she has done and Wendy shortlisted those that she liked. If certain items weren’t available, Natalie looked for suitable replacements, even buying some of them. As the pieces were rented out to clients, buying new ones was simply seen as growing the company’s inventory for future projects.

On installation day, Natalie shared photos of the staged rooms and the rest of the team gave their feedback. “I set up a WatsApp group chat as we needed real time, almost instantaneous feedback so that Natalie could incorporate them into the staging. We were in three countries and time zones—I was in Tokyo, Terence and his assistant were in Singapore, and Natalie was in London. Terence guided Natalie on design aesthetics, going through the various items, whether a particular artwork should be shifted more to the left or right, or whether the height of a table works with the side chair. It wasn’t just about selecting the furniture pieces, but also about the details.

“I believe in dressing up a property for a buyer or a renter. Staging is a big business in the US and UK; there’s definitely room for it in Singapore. There’s cost involved, but in the grander scheme of things, if you want to fetch a desired price on your property, it is marginal.”

Article written by Marc Almagro



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