Wild Spring – Reviving citrus and florals natural candle

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Wild Spring – Reviving citrus and florals natural candle

The days are getting longer. Light is returning in the late afternoons and the blossom and leaves are seen on the trees.

The oils in this candle will uplift and revive you like a walk in the park makes you feel energised in body and mind.

Oils of grapefruit and orange to energise, with scents of rose and jasmine to calm the mind, bergamot and ylang ylang to let us dream of far away exotic places and exciting times to come.

This natural candle has nine essential oils to create an uplifting scent that will have you shake off those hibernating feelings, and leave you feeling revived and positive.

Your purchase of this candle also supports Wildflower meadows, where the inspiration for this candle came from.

Our brand was created and inspired by our childhood in the countryside. I remember as a child walking through meadows, and feeling uplifted by the beauty of the colours and hearing the sounds of the insects buzzing around there.

At Poundon House we were lucky to have gardens filled with trees and stunning blossoms. Lavender walks buzzing with the sound of bees in summer.

We love the aesthetic of traditional wildflower meadows, which are not only one of our most beautiful and biodiverse habitats but one of our most threatened – we’ve destroyed nearly all of them in the UK over the last 80 years and those remaining are largely unprotected.

Wildflower meadows are amazing habitats for thousands of species; from bees, butterflies and moths to beetles and hoverflies, crickets and skylarks. They’re all unique, developing according to location, local conditions and management.

Oh – and meadows are also valuable and resilient carbon sinks, and helpful in preventing flooding too.

By making your own wildflower meadow area – however small! – you’re making a real contribution to nature in the UK. Thank you!

British Wild Flower Meadow Seeds

For every candle brought And Sister will scatter some seeds, and some seeds will be enclosed in your candle order so you too can scatter some seeds.

Candle arrives in sustainable packaging, and a lovely natural gift box included in shipping.

Image of wild flower meadow thanks to Unsplash.


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