Property dressing a London townhouse for sale

Property dressing London

Property dressing in London is now a very familiar concept with estate agents as it helps to improve presentation for photography and viewings.
Property dressing this London town house that had undergone a full refurbishment was a fantastic house to style.
This house had undergone a full and extensive refurbishment, so that behind the facade of the building, everything is new, extended, dug down and added on top. It is also located in a prime area of Chelsea. I loved the stairs, which I think you’ll agree are pretty special!
The brief was to keep it contemporary and streamlined, to create the feeling of space around the rooms. For this house, the artwork is by Sabrina Rowan Hamilton to add colour. Her large paintings are vibrant and strong and look fantastic in our interior projects. Her artwork is also for sale.
There is a formal recpetion area on the ground floor, with a family sitting room downstairs, so leading off from the kitchen, an ideal layout. The bedrooms are spacious and we kept the light soft tones, with linens and luxurious bedlinen. Lots of faux flowers and decorative items to create a homely feel rather than the more ‘show home’ look of other staging companies.
Often when I’m staging a property, I like to ask myself questions about the possibly buyer, ‘who would live here?’ and ‘What will someone love about this house?’ and these questions I then try to bring out in the styling – so really making people feel they can entertain, or if they travel that this is a lovely pied a terre, a family home, each place is slightly different, each narrative different.
Property dressing increases the presenation of your property for photography and viewings and will increase your chance to get a successful sale or let, though there are lots of other factors that affect the outcome too. You can read more about the benefits of home staging here.