Property dressing a Georgian cottage in Greenwich

Property dressing a historic properties, in this case a Georgian cottage in Greenwich was a pure joy. I can’t believe on these kinds of projects I call this work. I think I’m the luckiest person around – I love my job! Interior styling is great fun, and when its a lovely property like this, it really is the best job in the world!

This period of both architecture and furniture is one of my favourite periods in design. This cottage was so cosy and pretty. I love the colours too on the walls – Farrow and Ball French Grey and the colour works brilliantly in this house. Property dressing historic properties is what we specialise in, partly due to our extensive collection of furniture – from contemporary to antiques, which work well in these historic properties where a ‘one size does not fit all’ and furniture packages certainly will not work. It takes a more creative selection of styling to get the spaces to feel right.

Here are a few before and after photos prior to receiving the estate agents, Conran’s, professional photos, so please excuse as taken on the iphone late in the afternoon when we had completed the staging!

The brief here was to keep the house simple in terms of styling. Not to over fill it. To keep the colours light and let the house do the talking, not to distract too much. But to show the layout, and how the house can work for people to become a lovely home. A mix of items from different periods worked well here. From mid century, to contemporary, to vintage books to modern artwork, plain linens, and iconic mid century designs. It felt like it had to have a strong narrative, not too showy, not too plain. A balance to show a history of collection of items over a period of time.

When you were in the cottage, you could forget you were even in London, it had a countryside feel to the space. We wanted to keep this feeling in the styling too.

I love property dressing Georgian cottages, or any historic buildings. Using period pieces, making spaces feel more like home, a unique space, individual to the people living there. The ultimate compliment would be that people looking around the house didn’t know it was staged. They just thought some really tidy people were living there!

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