Property styling a house in Abingdon Road for rental

Property styling a house in Abingdon Road for rental that has been on the rental market since the beginning of Lockdown 1 when the tenants had relocated back to France. Since then, various potential tenants had shown interest and had nearly moved in, but for various reasons nothing had been secured. The client then decided to dress the principle rooms to help with the photography and viewings. I could see what a fabulous house it is, but there was lots of glass, cold looking tiles, and the house needed softening to make it more family family. This is easily achieved by property styling. When furniture, artwork, soft furnishings, decorative objects are added, the atmosphere changes straight away. The house feels completely different. Something unique is added that can only be achieved through property styling.

Below are some photos of the property without property styling. I think you’ll agree that it shows better with property dressing than empty? No wonder a tenant was found within a week and within 3 weeks they had signed off and we had removed the items! Home staging works!

The house was on the rental market with Milton Stone who we have worked with on various other properties in the past.

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The client said ‘Thanks for everything Natalie. You guys have been great’ which is lovely to hear. We always think of ourselves as providing a service and collaborating with our clients to work with them, and when it is a success its a great feeling!

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