Property dressing a loft apartment in Islington

Property dressing a loft apartment in Islington was great fun. Its the kind of property that doesn’t often come along so its very creative space to work with.

The open plan room enabled us to use some more unusual pieces from our collection for this interior styling project. In particular I loved using the large vintage oak bookcase which we filled with old books & ornaments that we’ve collected from around the world. Also the architects desk. This flat required a more creative flair to appeal to more creative types who’d be interested in this kind of living space.

The large walls called out for original artworks by Esmond Roscoe. Indoor plants added greenery as we like to add nature as a wellbeing atmosphere to the space, to make it feel more relaxed and home like.

The building itself is historic and of interest.

Built as warehousing in the Victorian era, Shepherdess Walk was converted into flats in the mid 1990’s. This particular flat offered loft style living, with high ceilings, exposed brickwork and open plan living. Interior styling this property meant we could use some favourite classic items from our stock that we often don’t get to use – the Architects desk made a feature in the study area and a large display cabinet could be filled with books that helped to create the sense of space. As the clients lived abroad Cullum Design also offered practical advice on presentation bringing to the owners attention several issues that hindered presentation.

Property dressing a loft apartment in Islington is a unique space to work with. See our other properties we have worked with in East London here.

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