Shop Fresh or Faux Flowers for home

Shop Fresh or Faux Flowers for your home.

Both fresh and faux flowers have come a long way. From fresh letterbox flowers from Bloom and Wild, to faux flowers. We use alot of faux flowers on our staging projects and their quality is fantastic now. Here are some of our favourite places to buy flowers.

Shop Fresh – Nothing beats fresh flowers. They uplift the home and make you feel so much happier. During lockdown we have all been helped by nature’s beauty to uplift us. Flowers also make a lovely gift for friends and family, especially on special occasions or if someone needs a little lift. The great thing about Bloom and Wild is you can also schedule special dates – birthdays, Valentines, anniversaries, you can set reminders, how cool is that!!

Shop Faux Flowers – One of my go to for faux flowers is Oka. They have a fantastic selection of faux flowers which look so real. Planters like orchids are also lovely in bathrooms or coffee tables, and bouquets on chest of drawers especially in bedrooms.

Here is a selection of my favourite faux flowers and plants from Cox and Cox – trailing which looks lovely on a mantlepiece, faux eucalyptus stems in a ceramic vase, magnolia and dried grasses.

TIPS for Faux: When using faux flowers, its advisable to use a ceramic vase so you cant see that there is no water in there. Cut the stems so they fit. It’s easier to cut on the sections with pliers as there is wire running through the thicker stems. I usually trim away some of the leaves off the hydregeas for example. To make it easy, you can buy bouquet of fake, and then you only need a vase. I think a small faux flower on a guest bedside table makes it! On my bedside I have succulents as they help to release oxygen in the night.

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