Show flats at Battersea Power Station

Show flats at Battersea Power Station. I’m not going to lie, I have been watching this development closely and was thrilled when the email arrived asking us to property dress some of the show flats in the new development. Myself and the design team were so excited to see this site. And it did not disappoint. The views from the penthouse in the main Boiler House were incredible. What has been achieved there is amazing. It reminded me of the same excitement when The Tate Modern opened. These derelict buildings which were so epic in their hey day, being reinvented, its exciting!

Battersea Power Station is more than flats though. There are new transport lines, great restaurants, riverside walks, communal areas, and shopping. It provides not only its residents with a great lifestyle, but its also a great place to explore and visit.

Cullum Design have consulted on around 15 properties at Battersea Power Station from 2 beds to penthouses, in Gehry, Switch House West, Alder House and more.

Cullum Design are very excited to have been asked to dress more show flats at Battersea Power Station. The good news is the show flats we have already completed have already sold!

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