Sold! Flat in Kilburn benefits from staging

All property benefits from staging. Empty rooms do not engage with people, simply because property is a home, and homes needs to have furniture to feel lived in. Never before have our homes been more valuable to us, they are our sanctuary, our world where we feel safe and can relax.

With the recent news, the good news is that property viewings will continue and the housing market will remain open and active.

This is a 2 bed flat in Kilburn that we dressed. Our client did some renovation works to the property, and understood the benefits of dressing the flat. It was transformed with furniture!

We used items from our stock that was in keeping with the property, keeping it modern, light and spacious. Our designers and stylists work with a range of property styles – we have just completed a 6 bedroom house in Thurloe Square, so any type of property our team can work with and transform.

This property was sold through Cameron Stiff & Co

Property Dressing Offer!

50% off the weekly hire after 12 weeks hire has completed.

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