The importance of Interior Photography when selling

Why are interior styling and interior photography so important as a marketing tool? We’ve all heard that a picture speaks a hundred words, so images of your property are one of the most important marketing tools you can use.

Home staging is about creating a lifestyle that a potential buyer is familiar with and interior photography is also an essential tool for marketing.

So if you are home staging, it is so important to have it photographed by a specialist interior photographer. We work with several fantastic interior photographers, and we also arrange our own interior photography shoots. A professional interior photographer will do more than just shoot – its a question of styling each shot to make sure that the photos really stand out.

Along with the photos of the rooms, usually done with a wide angle lens, its important to ask the photographer to have some detail shots. Your property needs to be similar to an interior magazine, with shots of interior details as well.

Here are some photos Cullum Design recently took some interior photographs of a home staging project we did in Sherbrooke Road, Fulham, currently on the market with Chestertons. Natalie and Esmond both styled and shot the photos. It was great fun and something we both really enjoy is photography.

If you think that most people start their homesearch online, you need your photos to stand out. You want them to come and view your property, and good interior photography will help that happen. Its not just about the wide angle photos but also about the little details that make your property different from the others.

Some of the interior photographers that we like to work with are Matt Davis, Feature Pro, Alex Winship, Dome Photography, and Mays Floorplans.

For more lifestyle & portrait we work with Dylan Thomas who is fantastic.

That’s why Cullum Design are now offering an interior styling and photography service for projects that we’ve home staged, or for home owners looking to sell or rent their properties and want to make their listing stand out with stunning images. Marketing your property with strong images is one of the most important elements to gain the maximum from your asset.

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