The Telegraph & The London Magazine feature Cullum Design

The Telegraph and The London Magazine have recently published an article, written by Zoe Dare Hall, on the benefits of a property stylist when purchasing or selling a large home

So what should vendors do to bag a big-spending, house-hunting dynasty? Hiring a property stylist could be a wise move, to give the house instant, heart-fluttering kerb appeal, inside and out. “A freshly painted front door, plants if there’s space. Faux works wonders too if you’re often away and you can take them with you,” advises Natalie Fernbach at Cullum Design, a home-staging service whose recent projects include the show flats in Battersea Power Station. The hallway, however narrow, needs to pop too. Fernbach – whose service for a large six-bed house starts at around £11,000 for an eight-week hire of furniture, installation, styling, picture hanging and collection – suggests a console table, mirror and striking pendant lighting, plus a colourful, eye-catching runner up the stairs.
 “I think of staging as hand holding. You reduce the questions the purchaser may be thinking and increase their sense of connection with the property instead.” 
Sometimes, though, staging can work too well. Fernbach was hired to stage a “listed, very unique heritage house” in Holland Park, ready for sale, “as the family couldn’t make the layout work for them,” she says. The family moved into another property they owned, Fernbach worked her magic and the offers came rolling in. “But after seeing it staged,” she says, “they wanted to move back in, so they put the other house on the market instead.”

Read the full article HERE as it features on both The London Magazine and The Telegraph

The Telegraph and The London Magazine
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