Property Dressing renovated house in Barnes London

Property dressing in Barnes, London. This is a wonderful area of London. There’s a village feel, a pretty duck pond, great schools, and near to the River for any boating enthusiasts. There’s something special about this area, and this house is pretty special too.

As this is the second property dressing project for our client, it was great to be brought into the house to see it in its early stages of building work. The client loved what we did with his previous property – a sale was quickly achieved for his house in Fulham , see HERE– so I knew the style and service that was needed for this project.

I love seeing the old newspapers, crumbly wallpapers of the past. Below are some photos of the property whilst undergoing building works, so you can see the transformation that takes place. Even at this stage, I met with the client and we discussed colours and furniture layout. Its great to come on board earlier in the project so we can have time to think about schemes and see how the spaces take shape.

Downstairs is a more relaxed and open plan living area. There is a stove in the seating area, somewhere you could imagine playing games on a Sunday afternoon with the kids, a large dining area adjoining the kitchen. In the summer you’d be spending alot of time in this area, with the garden door open. I knew this area is vital for staging too.

It’s important to keep the flow of the space, and to imagine that in a viewing there may be quite a few people, so to make sure there is space for the agent to stand and walk ways through so feel open. We moved the dining area more to the right to free up the space to the left. I’m not a big fan of overhead lighting above dining tables – they are never in the right place! So we opted for a dining table, and large artwork, and otherwise to keep this area quite minimal.

The upstairs ground floor reception area I wanted to keep more formal, with neutral colours, but still very welcoming. Its tricky to get the balance sometimes between formal, and keeping it welcoming and this can be achieved by adding a little colour, keeping the metals to warm brass and coppers, and the large Louise Bradley mirror finishes off the space. With the large critall wall as a feature, the room needed to be kept open in feeling, so a sofa and pair of chairs was the right fit here.

The house is available to buy through Chestertons and photography thanks to Feature Pro.

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