Property Styling in Clapham High Street

Property Styling in Clapham High Street.This ex rental property is on the market with Sheraton Law. The owner knows the benefits of property styling and asked me to quote to style the property to get it ready for photography and viewings before launching with Sheraton Law. Looking at the before photos its instantly obvious about the benefits of property styling as the after photos are so much more engaging.

Cullum Design works with sch a range of properties. In this case, its an ex rental investment flat. All properties benefit from property styling. In many countries like Australia and the US no owner would ever consider launching their property without it being styled. It just looks better in photos as well as for the viewings.

If you are selling your home and you are currently living there too, its worth asking a property home stylist like Natalie to come and visit and see how its interiors can be improved upon for photography and viewings. Natalie is also happy to work off whats app photos and offers a one off consultation for only £180 inc VAT to give her thoughts on how to improve for photography and viewings. This would also include suggestions for the purchase of any new items including the passing on of any trade discounts. It really is worth the cost to have a professional see your property with ‘new eyes’ and their expertise.

This property is on the market with Sheraton Law.

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